As an organisation we rely on donated laptops for us to refurbish and redistribute. If you would like to donate your old laptop, we need you to be in the South Wales area and we also need you to check that your device meets the criteria on the checklist below. 

If your device fits the specifications above please fill in the form below. We ask that if possible you drop your device at our location in East Cardiff. If you are unable to do this please still contact us as we may be able to arrange a pickup. Before you donate your device to us we ask that you first delete all personal data from it – we recommend you reset it to factory defaults if possible. We will carry out a more thorough wipe upon receiving the device, to ensure that no future owners can access any personal information. For more information about this please send us an email.

Our main focus is refurbishing laptops and distributing them to schoolchildren who need them. However we also expect to have small costs for software and packaging, so we have a crowdfunder to support this.